A Guide to Digital Business Cards in 2021

Business card is essential for every kind of business, no matter how small or big it is. A business card is equally important for customers / consumers to reach the vendor. It is always an opportunity for new business to avail customers with business cards. Business cards always helps to build brand.

If you don’t have a business card by now, don’t waste time in thinking just get it done for your business, there are many free alternates available which you can definitely give a try.

One such effective and most convenient approach is to own a digital business card, this will not just save some money but also leaves a great impact of your business among others.

What is Digital business card or digital visiting card?

A digital business card may be a web page in a website, a screen in a mobile app, a shareable document like pdf. This document tells more about your business, and contacts of your business.

What are the advantages of having a digital business card?

Having a digital business card is undoubtedly a boon for the business,

  • Owing a digital visiting card leaves a great impact on customers and other people connected with you.
  • It helps in brand building, unlike printed cards this digital cards come with great advantage of being shared. For e.g Mr. James a customer of business gets your digital business card, can now share this card with his friends, family and other contacts, which is not possible in case of printed business card.
  • One copy reaches multiple contacts, i.e in case of printed visiting cards, to contact 100 people you need to spend on printing 100 cards. Whereas you can share a single copy of digital card to multiple contacts. This saves your money to be spend on each printed cards.
  • High availability, unlike printed cards digital visiting cards are high available, consider a scenario where you have lost your card or printing is damaged . Its very difficult to reach the business. Wherein in digital card, as it is available online and offline it may be accessed any point of time (24 X 7).
  • A digital business card can be shared with your contacts over social media platforms like whatsapp, facebook etc. This makes it easy and convenient to use and stay connected.
  • It is always an opportunity for new business, if you own a digital business card.
  • One of the most important advantage of your digital visiting card is that it is interactive, it means that your customers can just click a button to make a call, send an email , or open whatsapp chat with you from your digital visting card.
  • Scan and save, your customer can simple scan the QRCode in the card and save the contact in their phone.

What my digital card will contain?

Your digital business card will contain business name, brand logo, contact info such as email id, phone number, address. It may also contain QR Code, which can scanned and contacts can be added to phone quickly. Digital visiting card may clickable buttons to make call , send email and chat.

How do I get digital visiting card for my business?

There are many digital visiting card provider available, but to start with you can find some free digital visiting card providers, select a reliable provider like Mofferly Digital Visiting Card . Mofferly provides wide variety of features, you can create your digital business card for free, mofferly will also help you to modernize your business with more digital tools.

  • Find a good provider for your digital visiting card like Mofferly.
  • Register and create your account mofferly
  • Login to account in mofferly.com
  • After logged in you will land in card creation page, just give a name to your card, and click “Create” button.
  • After card created successfully, your card will appear in list below, you can customize it now.
  • From the card list click “Click to design visiting card” to customize your card, here you will fill your business details such as business name, phone, email, address, etc. and select color and theme for your card.
  • After filling up all the details and setting up your card, you can save this by clicking “Generate card” button.
  • Once your card is generated successfully, you can now download it from card list and use it.

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