How to Make Actionable and Clickable Digital Business Card online?

Yes you heard it true, now you can make your visiting card interactive, an interactive visiting card is very effective, convenient and easy to use tool. Customers find it easy and quick to reach your for enquiries and support.

Unlike printed visiting card this digital visiting cards are much more powerful and capable of presenting business information. Digital visiting cards can be tailored to suite your requirements

You can get your visiting card customized and add videos, images and detailed information about your business. You can add links to your websites, social media pages in your digital business card. You can also add buttons to execute actions such as email, call or chat in your digital visiting card.

Based on availability in visiting card, people can click to watch video, see images, make call, send email, launch chat.

What is actionable or clickable digital business card?

A digital business card can be made interactive, it means that your digital card is actionable or clickable. Let it be explained in bit more simple way.

In an actionable or clickable digital visiting card , People using thing cards can do following things ,

  • They can click the call button on the card to make a quick phone call to business
  • They can click the email button to send email to business
  • They can click the chat button to open whatsapp chat with business
  • They can click website, or social media buttons to open website or pages
  • They can click map button to open direction and locate business easily

Features available in interactive business cards

  • Links: Links to your website, social media pages, portfolio links can be placed in digital visiting cards. User can just click on the link to land your website , social media pages or portfolio to find more information about your business
  • Video Embed: You may have uploaded video about business or products on popular video host like YouTube, now you can get this videos embed in your digital visiting cards
  • Images: Images talking more about your business, may it be related to your premise, infrastructure, staff, events, products etc. can be shown on your visiting card.
  • Call Button : Customer may want to call you for more details, to get you connected within no time, a call button can be placed in visiting card. Clicking on this button phone call will be placed on business phone number.
  • Email Button: On several instance you may need to receive emails from people, an email button will serve the purpose. Email can be composed and send quickly on clicking this button.
  • Whatsapp Chat Button: This button can help customers to open whatsapp chat with business.
  • Map / Location Button: You don’t want to loose customers at any cost, you want to direct customers to your location correctly. Map button help customers to locate you in map, and reach your place with no difficulty.

What is an advantage of having interactive visiting card?

Customers have great experience using interactive visiting cards, they find it easy to contact you at any point of time. As the card is available online there is high availability of access. Customer satisfaction can be retained and scaled up as they can reach you 24 X 7 with one or other alternate mode of communication. You may be sleeping or on a holiday, your business can be prepared ready to grab enquiries and customers at every point of time.

  • 24 X 7 Availability for your customers
  • High opportunity for business to grab orders, enquiry, leads
  • Better customer experience
  • Great brand building
  • Scale up customer satisfaction
  • Grow customer base
  • Retain customer
  • Great business impact
  • Direct customer towards your location

How to make actionable and clickable visiting card?

  • Create a digital visiting card with some good provider like Mofferly
  • Register and create your account mofferly
  • Login to account in
  • Digital cards created here with is actionable and clickable
A complete guide to create digital visiting card is available here

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