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Typically schedules perform a task that a human operator or scheduler can reuse in a different way. If you’re working with reliable software, there are fewer occurrences to make adjustments to the schedules.

Whether you’re building new software that relies on an existing infrastructure, or you’re using an existing infrastructure that is customarily configured for certain schedules, it’s handy to find software that connects well.

Imagine a software that will send your offers and deals to your customers periodically, that too automated.

Think a software you schedule your wishes for festivals and birthdays once, and it will be send wishes to your contacts on the occurrence automatically.

Yes with mofferly task scheduler you can now schedule your task and activate them to run automatically to complete your operations.

  1. Send notification on Whatsapp
  2. Send notification on SMS
  3. Send notification on Email
  4. Send Media attachments over whatsapp and email
  5. Auto generate excel report form data, and send it through email.
  6. Easy configuration

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